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Our Code of Ethics

At Little Star we have a Code of Ethics.

Each member of our staff works constantly to be an example of our 7 Ethical Values.

These values represent our identity!

What we are! Our truth!

We guide teachers to acquire their individual identity by discovering their own values and actions that reinforce their personalities.


We make sure our intentions are good.
We always use a calm and kind tone of voice.
We praise others sincerely.
We are concerned for others.
We are polite and careful of our manners.
We embrace each other.
We are sunny and smiley.
We believe in kindness as a strong point.
We are present with discretion.
We share our competencies.

Kindness Language & Enchantments:

Today I will do something kind for someone!
How can I make my colleague’s day better?
How are you?
Do you need help?
What can I do for you?
Thank you!
I am listening…
Well done!


We never judge.
We try to change perspective.
We speak about ideas rather than people.
We recognise that differences have the ability to make us stronger.
We spend more time listening than speaking.
We are focused on science.
We change strategies to reach a goal.
We communicate with a mental map.
We always speak in English.
We believe in universality.
We identify as citizens of Planet Earth.
We feel part of the universe.
We change our minds.
We stay curious.

Open-Mindedness Language & Enchantments:

I’ve changed my mind.
Why don’t we try…
I understand, even if I do not agree.
Look at the stars!
Let’s experiment!
Let’s try to change this…

We are all citizens of the same planet regardless of the various religions and cultures.


We stand up.
We take responsibility.
We try to do our best.
Every situation is an opportunity to act.
We believe that failure leads to success.
We challenge ourselves.
We believe in improvement.

Pro-Activity Language & Enchantments:

Stand up!
How can I change the situation?
How can I improve myself?
Do your best!
Go above and beyond!


We recognise our identity.
We know who we are.
We respect our own rules.
We are independent.
We take care of ourselves.
We give value to our origins and roots.
We know how to say no.
We ask for help.
We celebrate human beauty as unique.
We believe in our infinite potential.
We don’t compare ourselves to others.
We cultivate our passions.

Self-Esteem Language & Enchantments:

We can do it!
How do I feel today?
I am worth it!
I am…
I am alive!
I breathe!
What is important to me?
What are my values?
What do I love about my work?
How can I improve?
What is good in this situation?
What can I do for myself?
I am beautiful!
I am proud of me!
What are my passions?
How can I express myself?


We are responsible for life.
We listen.
Rules are linked to our values.
We are all free to express our Mission.
We speak about ourselves, not others.
We use honest behaviour!
We give value to identity.
We speak to the person directly involved.
We defend our opinions in a friendly way.
We proclaim authentic relationships.

Respect Language & Enchantments:

Am I being true to my respect values?
Am I acting respectfully and correctly towards others?
Is my behaviour mindful of the opinions of the people directly involved?
Could my behaviour upset others?


We seek our path while respecting our personalities.
We work hard to achieve our dreams.
We are all emotionally involved in our Vision.
We seek interior happiness.
We recognise that imagination is the highest form of human intelligence.
We are committed to being imaginative every day.
We are committed to being creative every day.
We are committed to being inventive every day.

Dreams Language & Enchantments:

Who do I want to be?
Who do you want to be?
Where would I like to be?
What do I want in my life?
I would like…
I will be…
I will become…


Each member of staff is 100% responsible for everything regardless of his/her role.
We are a family and we love our work.
We are guided by a Mission and Vision.
We communicate a company and personal value proposition.
We are united.
Every person at Little Star is chosen for his/her human values.
We invest 10% of our turnover in training.
Values are an integral part of our core business and are in no way an artificial marketing strategy.
Our communication is strengthening and is always positive.
We adopt a value-based behavioural code every day.
We create trust.
We are committed to transforming our clients into fans.
We take care of even the smallest details with love.
Cleanliness is key!

Excellence Language & Enchantments:

Clean up!
What does my behaviour say about me?
We tidy up the curtains.
We light a candle that smells of clean cotton.
I sweep up crumbs.
Can you help me straighten this picture?
Let’s tidy up the coat pegs!
Let’s mend the broken books!
Let’s mend…