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Our Educational Format


The Basis of our Educational Format

Early Education in Italy is renowned throughout the entire world.

We take the best of the pedagogical theories linked to the Montessori and Reggio Children methods. A psychological approach enables us to apply these theories to the cognitive, social, emotional, motor and linguistic developmental stages of children between 0 and 6 years of age.

Our International School is unique because we are specialised in this developmental stage when an individual’s personality is developed, and in which each experience remains imprinted forever.

Our goal is to translate the values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into direct experiences that children absorb and interpret every day through our activities, because children learn from everyday life.

Our special educational labs guide children to form their identities based on the universal values that will help them become empathetic students who will bring about positive changes in the world.

Self-esteem is the key to releasing the incredible energy that feeds the human mind in order to achieve any goal through imagination.

We believe that imagination is the highest form of intelligence and we celebrate creativity as a crucial force in developing ideas.

A child who is empathetic, confident, imaginative, curious and creative will become a lifelong learner and a future leader!

We believe that Early Education is the most important of human priorities!

Supporting people who are free, independent and aware of their own identities! Future students who take charge of their lives and the world that surrounds them! Children aged 0-7 years old “learn to learn”. At this age, their personalities are being formed. We are not speaking about notions and contents, but about how children approach knowledge, and this imprinting will stay with them for the rest of their journeys as learners. Little Star celebrates the importance of freedom of expression. We respect and encourage an unconditioned development of each and every child’s personality. Every child is unique! We do not see children as producers! We have set ourselves the important mission of making everyone understand the importance of transmitting universal ethical values to children. Values that go beyond the various religions and cultures, values that see man as an inhabitant of the Planet Earth!

Our vision is a world where children and families are effectively supported to build on their strengths and achieve their goals in life.

Ethical Values are the Basis of Human Personality

We believe in Love as a fundamental value!

This incredible force must stem from Self-Esteem! From accepting and understanding who we are and following our dreams. We work to bring children closer to this universal value. A child that views himself with love will radiate love to the world.

We dream of a planet where each and every school follows an ethical code. A child that experiences values and who respects his  skills will become a strong student who takes charge of his life and will have a winning approach to knowledge!

Values are the basis of our personality. 

We encourage children to recognise who they are through the free development of their personalities, so they can think critically and form the building blocks of strength, confidence and self-awareness which will prepare them for their futures as “Leaders of Tomorrow”! Our Code of Ethics celebrates Kindness, Open-Mindedness, Self-Esteem, Respect, Dreams, Excellence and Pro-Activity in promoting justice and dignity for everyone.

Children dream of what they truly desire. Adults develop defence mechanisms in order to be accepted by society and finding a “socially acceptable” position becomes an absolute priority. So the vision that others have of us is often determined by what we are and what we wish to be. This way of living removes us from ourselves and our deepest wishes.


A Mad Hatter in every school will spread fun to everyone – this is the best way to learn!

Our Mad Hatter is the symbol of fun and thinking outside the box! He helps children to see things  from a different perspective, to maintain their natural open-mindedness and critical thinking because nothing is set in stone.

The Mad Hatter is out of the ordinary, he encourages children to move, to think and to communicate extraordinarily. With love and fun, he teaches us about a world we can rebuild. Our students learn to learn through this unique and wonderful approach.

We are committed to educating the generation that will stand up and change the world and see the truth surrounding them with clear eyes! The generation that will act by walking its own path, that will respect and love itself, its personality, its values! The generation that will have the tools to communicate its thoughts and feelings to the world. With its head held high. With its eyes on the horizon. Free and strong!

We encourage questions, we do not impose answers! Children need rules. They also need something else just as important: to explore new shapes and discover different  perspectives. Our students become pioneers of knowledge.

Little Star is the first school to focus its main attention on the value of “self-esteem” as the key for students to become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow. Believing in ourselves is the key to releasing the incredible energy that feeds the human mind in order to achieve any goal through imagination. We believe that imagination is the highest form of human intelligence and we celebrate Creativity as a crucial force in developing a child’s personality. A creative child will become a student with an interior strength that will support him for his entire life.

Our Mad Hatter spreads fun and wonder to stimulate the development of each child’s personality. He helps us to live in a special and colourful and happy school where we work to bring a smile to everyone’s face! We dance and we joke with the silly Mad Hatter because the best way to learn is by having fun!

“Imagine, Believe, You Can”!



Science at Little Star – The Scientific Minds of Children

Our avant-garde scientific educational tools are used by universities and scientists. We follow special training with many scientists and our educational and psychological experts to introduce children to science with experimental and unique labs. We collaborate with astrophysicists and quantum mechanical scientists who carry out continuous research on classical and modern physics which studies the laws of the macrocosm through general relativity and the laws of the microcosm through quantum mechanics. We believe in the immense intuitive capacity of children, and we respect each child’s cognitive capabilities that, contrary to popular belief, diminish as they grow up.

At this age, children have naturally scientific and curious minds and we believe in preserving this heritage. In our opinion, UNESCO heritage sites should also be extended to this perfect human trait. We do not feed children preconceived notions, but guide them to discover and experiment in order to draw their own conclusions about themselves, their emotions and the world around us. Lessons full of truth, simplicity, unfiltered and without misleading constructions. Children should actively participate in choosing their educational content because in this way the perspective changes. Their authenticity, together with their inherent predisposition to science, to experimenting, to the world of emotions and feelings, wonders, exploring, understanding and knowing, is what children have to offer our world!


We introduce the children to astronomy, the human skeleton, biology and natural sciences through direct contact with our avant-garde scientific educational tools and directly explore nature and the wonders it offers. Children should actively participate in choosing their educational content because in this way the perspective changes: from a teacher offering lessons to the children, to a school where children offer lessons to the world.


The scientific pleasure of observing change through combinations of different substances in the world of chemical reactions that make up everything.

This is a question of universal connections and messages. This is the fascinating and extroverted chemistry of the elements. Curiosity is leadership and chemistry is one of the widest branches of science because, if we think about it, everything is chemistry!

Quantum Mechanics at Little Star

Where known laws change, humanity is called upon to let go of a definitive vision with probability playing the main role and discover that everything is different!

Education is not about learning facts, but training the mind to think. Our universe is composed of energy! From the smallest particle to the brightest star, energy is all around us and inside us. When we learn how to harness our own energy, we can begin the path to mastering new visions.

In the infinitely small, there is no set rhythm dominated by time, but a single dance of each and every micro piece of the world. Everything is connected! Children are called upon to discover this connection. To create a definitive vision!

There is a link between the mind of a child and the brilliant minds of scientists. There is a link between human beings and the universe that surrounds us. Just like the most brilliant scientists of all time, children have the ability to re-describe the world through their pure and uncontaminated imaginations. A new order governed by probability!


A wishing well in every school will help children to express themselves!

A wishing well familiarises children with one of life’s most important abilities: the ability to dream. Each and every one of us is born with an innate desire and instinct to try and find meaning to our lives. The innate instinct to decode a hidden message, to follower own intimately personal path that is linked to something deep within our souls. We all dream, but in reality we feel distant from these dreams as if they belong in another universe. At Little Star, we believe in the fundamental importance of experiencing and believing in this wonderful and  magical dimension. We believe in the important of offering children a physical and mental place and emotions linked to this enchanted dimension and brining them closer to their souls.

The Wishing Well is a temple of wishes where everyone and anyone can connect with their dreams.  It helps us remember to search for our path inline, our place in the world. It helps us create a reality generated fro our deepest desires and to fulfil our souls. To dream, we need to activate our imaginations and create a reality with our minds. Because any reality exists as long as therein a mind to imagine it. Happiness does not come from what you have or from your social position – it comes from the way you think.

This is a place where we all take the time to think about ourselves and our deepest desires. About what we want to be and who we are. A place where we are aware of ourselves, our emotions, where we can reflect on our place in the world, what makes us happy, the things we like to do, what kind of job we would like, the different values each holds. This is an example of an innovative tool created by our staff within our “Dreams” educational area to support our mission that works with values, starting with self-esteem, and working with the delicate development of a child’s personality.

*Human Rights Article 18: Freedom of Thought


A Vegetable Patch in Every School

Salad, fennel, tomatoes and courgettes – from green and red to the orange of our tasty carrots: a world of flavours, fragrances and wonderful colours to explore. Through caring for and looking after the vegetables grown in our vegetable patch, we are able to experience first-hand how constant love and attention yield good crops. The respect for food, the care and love for these small plants born from seeds create feelings of happiness and pleasure and encourages feelings of gratification because of the plants which are transformed, thanks to the love we shower upon them, from seeds to rainbows of colour and goodness. We feel important when we experience this balance and sense of social protection: farming and gardening encourage that sense of belonging to the human race.

A vegetable patch in every school which the children take care of helps build a sense of respect for food!

Human Rights Art. 25: Respect for food!


A Little Fairy in every school with a sprinkling of magic dust encourages children to dream and free their imagination!

Dreams are the desire to be happy. With a sprinkling of magic dust, our Little Fairy encourages children and teachers to dream and free their imaginations! Every school should have a magical fairy who helps the children recognise their infinite potential. Her magic powder is the essence which ignites the respect and awareness of their capabilities. We believe in the fundamental importance of self-belief.

Children need magic and enchantment. Our Little Fairy activates an extraordinary strength in their minds and spirits. This strength transforms into curiosity that opens the door to intuitive knowledge. Children learn to learn with a sense of wonder because knowledge is wonder.

“I help children build an idea of their won happiness through magic. My presence leaves an indelible mark on their attitude that will accompany these students on their future academic paths. An attitude of freedom to believe and think critically and to take charge of their own cultural journey”. The Little Fairy

*Human Rights Article 29: Free Development of Personality


A planetarium in every school will help children to experiment the value of Open-Mindedness

Little Star is the first and only Early Childhood school with a permanent planetarium! Our internal planetarium is the most meaningful experience we offer the children.

It offers them a unique opportunity to understand their place in the universe among the stars, while instilling a sense of belonging to the human race.

We believe that science lights up a child’s curious mind and that understanding our place in the cosmos transmits the value of life and a spirit of brotherhood. This is how we transmit wonderful and important universal values through experience.

Before entering the planetarium, we become comfortable with the concepts of light and darkness. We remember that we live on a planet that is a part of our solar system, which in turn lives in the Milky Way galaxy. We also take them through the journey of the role that stargazing has played in human evolution, from agriculture to navigating the oceans! Entering the planetarium with excitement helps children better grasp knowledge and connect various concepts. Such a holistic approach to learning strengthens the mind and spirit. Once a week, the children enter our planetarium to study the constellations, planets, distant galaxies, and understand the evolution of these objects through time.

We are all made of the same  materials as the stars! There is a magical attraction between children and the universe. We encourage the children to open their minds to the enormity of the universe which surrounds us, because we believe in universality.

Through the planetarium, they learn exciting things such as: how a telescope works, how a star is born, how to orient yourself using the stars and make a star finder, how the sun is formed, and how it interacts with the earth. We also experiment with solar radiation and ultraviolet sensitive materials to measure the strength of the sun’s rays.

We understand the universe through reality. Notions speak of new dimensions through reality, exploring other points of view. The search for order is fundamental for humanity, and our students, as future leaders, are called upon to indicate new orders.

Human Rights Art. 25: Respect for food!



We no longer ask ourselves what we truly desire, if it makes us happy. We no longer look at what surrounds us if we do not possess it. But the Universe around us belongs to everyone. So we do away with the stars and the sky, away with the changing seasons and falling leaves, away with fragrances, the arid earth, the wind, colours, stories, away with the cold and warm blankets. Away with listening with real interest, away with learning simply because we are curious. Self-esteem is understanding our own desires and dreams and following them even if they are unrecognised by many, even if they are useless, even if they are mad.

There is a message for us to understand, a path to follow. We are all part of the same destiny. And this is the message that we are called upon to follow to fulfill our own lives to the upmost.

If we do not get close to children and try to set aside our prejudices and misconceptions, if we do not help them become key participants in the world surrounding them, when they grow up their thoughts and actions will be strongly determined by society and the precious perspective of their reflections will be lost.

Their perspective, the way in which children observe, live and judge the world: their emotions, their feelings! What they think and how they think: all this is a vital part of what we do at Little Star.


“Hello! I am Angelica!”

“My body is made of five clear rainbows
That make up my universe and the stars.
I will take you on a journey in exploring the wonderful world of children!
I am made of 5 educational areas that have stolen the colours from the stars!”

We have taken the colours of our educational areas from the Hertzprung-Russell diagramme because stars have colours too!

Every child is born under the stars. An incredibly strong emotion makes children unique within the universe that surrounds them and of which they are made. Because human beings are made of the same materials as the stars.


Each and every Little Star educational lab is linked to one of these elements that are in turn linked to values. Angelica is our mind map that allows us, for the first time, to communicate all Little Star educational areas through a single image.  A mind map that conveys a usually protracted and dispersive technical language in a simple, direct, intuitive and accessible way. Our mind map represents a mixture of powerful elements that support the communication of our educational programme, so that all the educational areas are in perfect harmony with the brain’s natural ability to perform an immediate connection, to openness and creativity. Words become short sentences, punctuation reinforces the sense of experience, cutting sentences in half like a poem, like arrows which strike straight to the reader. It is a dive in the ocean, among precious corals and creatures of all colours of the rainbow, of light and dark, of shapes and infinite expressions.

The map’s aspects allow an efficient introspective understanding and communication in the world of early childhood education.

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