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our roots 

For us, roots represent a
fundamental value. Our Roots Educational Area celebrates the importance of family

I have always attempted to maintain my identity
and have no ambitions of idolised power or
social or economic position. More than becoming “someone”, I have tried to be myself, respecting the ethical, moral and legal principles of a gentleman.
Cavaliere del Lavoro Ermelino Matarazzo di Licosa

Little Star International School

Little Star International School was founded by Livia Matarazzo di Licosa in 2008. The school’s “Mission and Vision” are inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed in Paris by the General Assembly of UN on the 10th of December 1948.

From birth to six years of age, a child’s personality is formed. At Little Star, we are specialised in Early Childhood Education and encourage our students to grow in a way which allows them to acquire an individual identity by discovering their own values and the actions that reinforce their personalities.

Livia’s ethics were instilled in her by her great-grandfather, Francesco Matarazzo (1854-1937), who emigrated to Brazil in the 19th century.

Humble origins 

From humble origins and through years of hard toil and dedication, Francesco succeeded in becoming one of Brazil’s greatest entrepreneurs and the owner of one of the six most important industrial groups in the world.

the first stepping stones

He started out as a labourer on the plantations of Sorocaba but as soon as he was able to save a good sum of money he opened a trade centre selling animal lard and other products to Italian farmers. From there he expanded his enterprise selling anything from knives and hats to cart wheels until he was able to open his own pasta factory and a modern mill, the first in Brazil. He built his own factories in order to produce the raw materials that supported the manufacturing of his commodities. These were the first stepping stones towards the immense empire he would one day build. Francesco Matarazzo began a series of businesses that quickly multiplied and that covered various areas of interest, many of which were at the cutting edge of his time.


The results of his industrial empire at the height of his success, which for three decades was the greatest in Latin America, were astonishing with more than 200 companies, maritime firms, banks, immense estates, worldwide branches and 30,000 employees. His industrial empire included manufacturing products in the agricultural, textile, chemical, metallurgic and oil sectors. He was awarded a noble title by King Victor Emanuele III of Italy for his immense philanthropic work in both Brazil and Italy.

Francesco  Matarazzo di Licosa (Enciclopedia Treccani)

Ermelino Matarazzo di Licosa

His grandson, “Cavaliere del Lavoro” Ermelino Matarazzo di Licosa (Little Star President Livia Matarazzo di Licosa’s grandfather), was a man of principle and sound values and shared his grandfather’s ambition for self and social improvement. He was the first to import Coca-Cola to Italy and later went on to invent the famous Fanta soft drink that he produced in her facrtory in Naples
the first time in the world in 1955. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fanta

He lived by the values that have characterized the Matarazzo name throughout its long history: “Love for family, and love for work” and consolidated the name as a major contributor and benefactor to society.


“I have always been sure of my duty and desire to live off the results of my work, and not inherited subsidies. Anxious not to be trapped by the pitfalls of success, I have always attempted to maintain my identity and have no ambitions of idolised power or social or economic position. I always strive to use my privileges humbly and appreciatively. More than becoming “someone”, I have tried to be myself, respecting the ethical, moral and legal principles of a gentleman, a good son, husband, father and grandfather”


Livia was born in 1971 and grew up from a young age in a boarding school in the small town of Bloney, Switzerland, overlooking Lac Léman. www.chantemerle.ch

The experience of growing up with children from all over the world and far away from her family had a profound effect on Livia. The international environment and extraordinarily beautiful nature of the pure snowy mountains, together with the unbreakable bond with her grandfather Ermelino, contributed to establishing Livia’s values and forming her personality. Today Livia continues to respect and follow her family’s old-fashioned values which, together with the many wonderful people with whom she shares her dreams and passion for children, have supported her in creating a unique educational project. Our Educational Format

Livia’s ideology

Livia’s ideology of “working with the children of today to achieve universal awareness and freedom” reflects the values and principles inherited from her family. To focus its main attention on the value of “self-esteem” as the key for students to become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow is what Little Star is all about!

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