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Some of Our Educational Labs 

Language Lab

Our Jolly Phonics phoenetic programme teaches English reading and writing and gives children a solid foundation for primary school.

Human Rights Art. 1: Spirit of Brotherhood!

Little Home 

A miniature house where children can freely experiment with role play in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or simply relax and look through the window onto the Enchanted Lake and let their minds wander.

Human Rights Art. 17: Right to Own Property and in Association with Others!


Our Planetarium brings children closer to a sense of belonging to the human race, without distinction of race, culture or religion.

Human Rights Art. 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights!

Cooking Lab

Parents join their child and friends in fun cooking activities and discover different international foods.

Human Rights Art. 16: Family!

Little Fairy

With a sprinkling of magic dust, our Little Fairy encourages children to dream and free their imaginations.

Human Rights Art. 29: Free Development of Personality!

Enchanted Lake

The amazing world of life can be experienced through taking care of our fish and turtle!

Human Rights Art. 3: Right to Life!

GP5 Gym

We work with gross motor skills through all 5 senses using water, the darkness and music. Children interact with their emotions and express themselves through topological relations that make up the basis of mathematical reasoning.

Human Rights Art. 13: Freedom of Movement!


Children discover rhythm and gain knowledge of the notes that make up harmonies. Drums, piano, trombone, flutes and more!

Human Rights Art. 19: Freedom of Expression!

Art and Vernissage

We explore fine motor skills and creativity through vernissage and the use of various materials such as international works of art, paints, canvases and natural materials.

Human Rights Art. 27: Free Participation in Cultural Life of the Community!

Vegetable Patch

Our children take care of the vegetable patch which helps build a sense of respect for food.

Human Rights Art. 25: Respect for Food!

Wishing Well

Our Wishing Well helps children to express themselves! This is a place where we reflect on our emotions, dreams and our place in the world.

Human Rights Art. 18: Freedom of Thought!

Hat Box

Our hat boxes allow the children to experience the concept of time through memories kept in a special place.

Human Rights Art. 12: Honour, Privacy, Reputation!

Geometry and Maths

Numbers and shapes through reality! The notion speaks of new dimensions exploring other points of view. The search for an order is not limited to numbers or shapes. Children discover everything through real materials. 

Human Rights Art.28: International Order!

Johnny the Skeleton

Children approach biology and the value of self-esteem with the help of Johnny who teaches us about our bodies and introspection.

Human Rights Art. 6: Right to Recognition as a Person!

Role Play

We offer spaces and materials through which children can experiment  with different jobs.

Human Rights Art. 23: Right to Work and Free Choice of Employment!


Children learn about the world and different cultures through activities and special events such as International Day, Chinese New Year, Hannukah, Holi Day. Thank you to all our International Parents for sharing these wonderful traditions with us!

Human Rights Art 2: No distinction!

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