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Our Staff

Our teachers come from all over the world and have found a family here at Little Star. They are all mother-tongue or bilingual English speakers with a great deal of experience and diplomas in Early Education.
We invest in continuous staff training through courses linked to Reggio Emilia, Montessori and the best of Italian education.
We believe in the importance of ethical values. Little Star teachers are, above all, good human beings and have been selected primarily for their natural embodiment of Little Star's Code of Ethics.
Educational Coordinator


I love thinking that I can be the wind of change wherever I go and work. I studied Early Years Education and Teaching at University and worked for over 10 years in school in Tuscany and Rome. I help children and people develop their potential. I am unique because I am professional but I also like to bring a smile and humour to my place of work.
I am honest, caring and funny.


School Director


I have worked at Little Star for over 10 years and have seen it grow into the wonderful family you see today. I feel proud to have contributed, in some small way, to its success and cannot wait to see what the future holds!
I am unique because I am passionate about every aspect of Little Star; it is an important part of who I am and continues to help me grow every day.
I am hard working, responsible and positive.




I love teaching children to respect others and the world that surrounds them. After my degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, I started working as a teacher when I was 19. I am unique because I have achieved my dream.
I am passionate, patient and warm.




I love children and being around them. I try to work hard and give my best every day. I make the children feel at home and try to make them happy. I am unique because I love all the children in the same way.
I am affectionate, sweet and funny.

England, Italy

Music Teacher


I believe music has the power to change the world and it starts with education. I created my skills by studying for many years. I've studied music at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts and education at Harvard University. I've traveled around the world performing music professionally for the last decade and I've taught in Europe, Central America, and the United States. I have also been mentored by many amazing musicians such as Jason Moran, Donald Harrison, and Christian Scott. . What makes me unique is that in addition to my passion for music I have a passion for education and I’ve studied both subjects at a high level. I also believe I have a unique cultural experience from living in New Orleans, Boston, and New York.
I am curious, helpful and nice.


Assistant to the President


I strongly believe that children represent hope for a better world. This is why I am here at Little Star! Being a mother has helped me understand that education is fundamental in forming a generation that will take charge of their lives and view the world around them with compassion and a strong sense of responsibility. I come from a very structured corporate background and have found that I love being around children in a school environment. They make our everyday lives funny and surprising, seeing the world through their eyes is a magical experience that touches my inner child. I am unique because I listen and try my best to make people feel special.
I am responsible, kind and friendly.

South Africa

Teaching Assistant

Little Fairy

I am a fairy made of magical perfumes and stardust of spells. I work to make everyone around me dream. I work in Little Star and unexpectedly appear out of nowhere in the classrooms, in the wonderful garden and especially near the Wishing Well. I inspire everyone to dream, imagine and become inspired by their own capabilities and desires. I am unique because I show the children how to dream and respect their identities.
I am magical, enchanting and sparkly.

The Land of Stardust



I always took care of my little brother and sister while I was growing up and my love for children continued to grow from there. Back in Kenya, I co-owned a casting company and never planned on being a teacher. I started out teaching ESL privately and babysitting and this got me a job as a teacher in a bilingual school over two years ago. I have now found a home at Little Star while improving my professional skills. I am unique because I listen, I will always be there for you and I am very patient.
I am loving, kind and trustworthy.


General Administrator


I believe in the importance of work, in being free and independent. I studied in Switzerland in an international environment. I worked for Coca-Cola and acquired proficiency in company management. I'm the administrator of Matarazzo kindergartens and Little Star International School.
I am extremely honest, responsible and friendly.

Switzerland, Italy



I am passionate about children and love to be around them. I studied for my degree in Education for many years and have a great deal of experience. I am unique because I provide love and laughter while teaching.
I am positive, responsible and kind.




I love working with children and have many years experience teaching English. I am also a mother of two. I try to make children feel confident and happy with themselves. I am unique because of my creativity and ability to think outside of the box.
I am affectionate, friendly and sensitive.




I like to see a smile on a child’s face. I was a student when I came to Little Star and now that I’m a teacher, I love helping children to find their own personality. I am unique because my caring attitude helps me go above and beyond.
I am responsible, kind and fun.

England, Italy

Teacher of GP5


I help children develop their goss motor skills. I have studied education and psychology. I am a national gymnast and a mother to two children. At Little Star, I encourage the children to use all their limbs, stimulate interaction between their minds and bodies, develop their powers of imagination and interact within the group. I am unique because I have created GP5 and I love what I do.


Dance Teacher


I started dancing at the age of 3 and since then it became my recipe for a happy life! Dance taught me everything, from the ability to dream, the harmony of the movement, through discipline and precision all the way to team-work! After studying 9 years in National Ballet Academy in Gdansk, I graduated in Ballet Pedagogy at F.Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. I’ve worked as a dance teacher since 2014 in London, Warsaw, Poznan, Szczecin and now - Rome. I had amazing opportunities to teach children from different backgrounds, levels of practice, children with special needs and adults. I believe dance is for everyone. There is nothing else I appreciate more than seeing my students making progress and having fun at classes.




I like being in a school environment. After a few years teaching languages to children, I decided to challenge myself in administration. I’m still training and learning this job every day. I am unique because I find the good in any situation.
I am smiley, cooperative and organised.

Ivory Coast



I love being around children. I studied Early Years Education in my home country and now work as an assistant in the nursery at Little Star. I am unique because I bring a smile wherever I go.
I am positive, quick and cooperative.




I love being around children and teaching them new things everyday that can help them with their futures. I came to Little Star as a student and then became who I am today: a teacher in the Kindergarten. I am unique because I love and care about all children.
I am caring, fun and responsible.

England, Italy



I like to take care of the children with my cooking and satisfy the families with my dishes. I have worked in kitchens for 10 years, cooking for private families and school children. I am unique because I work hard learn fast and make the best out of any situation.
I am direct, positive and flexible.


Teaching Assistant

Mad Hatter

Every week, I say hello to all the children and adults at Little Star. I transmit enchantment, fun and wonder to stimulate the development of each child’s personality. I love living in a special colourful and happy place and I work to light up a smile on everyone’s faces. I am unique because I dance, I am silly and I am specialised in practical jokes because the best way to learn is through fun!
I am silly, boisterous and funny.

The Land of Silliness


Michelle Carter

I absolutely adore teaching students of all ages and cultures. Learning from the young students that whatever life has got in store to open our hearts, love and play. I am unique because I believe in transmitting positive energy also, I have worked with and taught people from different countries over the years.
I am intuitive, sensitive and free spirited.

Australia, South Africa

First and foremost, the teacher must strive to be worthy of the trust, love and attention of the child. For us, a teacher is above all a good human being, someone who respects human rights when interacting not only with the children but also with the adults involved. A person who tries to be a good example of who they truly are, because children feel that spirit.

Thanks to their values, at Little Star, everyone, all educators and members of staff, are simply themselves. We are unique. A Little Star teacher recognises her ethical values and knows how to communicate them.

This is the secret of a wonderfully winning teacher. To be! Because the truth makes our eyes shine! Because truth is simple and direct, just like a child.

We try to preserve this treasure, working with kindness and discretion.  We like to see critical, active and constructive people around us.

Those who enter our world are taken on an adventure of practical science that is never theory-based and boring. Teachers and children alike!

job opportunities

If you would like to join our marvelous team, please send us your CV and apply now!

We also accept applications from Teacher Training Interns and Trainees as well as Work Experience Programmes!