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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Little Star is an International English-speaking Nursery and Preschool (ages 0-6) that works with universal human values and promotes self-esteem in children. Our goal is for Little Star students to acquire an individual identity by discovering their own values and the actions and communication that reinforce their personalities. We provide an environment that respects our Code of Ethics. Our vegetable patch, planetarium and wishing well give the children real examples of universal principles. We celebrate kindness and pro-activity in promoting justice and dignity for everyone. We guide children to discover their world of emotions so they can acquire the building blocks of strength, confidence and self-awareness which will prepare them for their futures. At Little Star, we seek to give children the tools to become capable, honest and respectful people who are prepared to become conscious humans of Planet Earth. We strive to give them the foundations to remain curious and to become lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow.

Vision Statement

We are committed to educating the generation that will stand up and change the world.

``In a world where increasing control is given to impersonal algorithms, humanity in its innate empathy and humankind's founding values remain the greatest heritage that must be preserved``

``In our increasingly populated world, the progressive spread of digitalisation and the dependence of many services today on algorithms, rather than human labour, leads to the obvious conclusion that in the coming years we will have increasing numbers of people and decreasing numbers of employed human beings. Let’s take transportation: this trend is easy to see when we consider the simple fact that in the next 10 years no one will drive cars, planes or trains, for the obvious reason that traffic managed by algorithms certainly eliminates accidents caused by human error.
Just think of what has already happened due to the spread of artificial intelligence, the huge growth of e-commerce, online ticket sales for flights, concerts, the cinema, theatrical performances and all other goods that has single-handedly caused most intermediary agencies to disappear. This is just one of many possible examples of the changes we have seen and are still seeing.
How will wealth be distributed in the coming years? It is clear that the reduced necessity for manpower and human intelligence will greatly impinge on salaries and will proportionally increase that of the unemployed, handing economic power over to a centrally managed world whose resources in terms of wealth production will increasingly be placed in the hands of the few.
In fact, from an economic point of view, this will be a philosophical return to the models of the past: the lord, the master, the peasants, the workers. The lords own everything and the rest of the population nothing! This is the reason for the rise of populist political movements in the world that base their credit on granting citizenship income, on the subsistence of a large part of the population at the expense of the increasingly small productive classes and, one day, at the expense of states that print paper money regardless of its real value and distribute it to the people so that they can buy basic necessities: thus recreating the virtuous economic circle.
The population has the money to acquire basic necessities, which then continue to be produced: the point is that this money invested in consumption has not been earned but simply distributed by a state otherwise unable to provide the work that should have supplied it. In a world increasingly and absolutely controlled by the few through depersonalising algorithms, humanity in its innate empathy and humankind’s founding values remain the greatest heritage we must preserve. In light of this, Little Star International School is committed every day to achieving its mission: working with empathy and universal values that unite humanity, both within our school and at the same time communicating this commitment outside our walls in order to spread it to the world; working to preserve the freedom of our children to identify themselves through their unique and diverse personalities; through the freedom to choose their own values and, later, through the ability to communicate authentically.
For all the people who work with me, our Vision holds increasing forward-thinking importance.
We are committed to educating the generation that will stand up and change the world”.
Livia Matarazzo di Licosa
Little Star International School, Rome

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