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Little Star International School, Rome

Our Educational Home

Our Educational Home

Little Star is a place of protection, love and truth. Our English-speaking school is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and all our international staff have degrees in Early Childhood Education.  

Our international school is specialised in Early Childhood Education and is a family environment. 

Our multicultural environment welcomes children from all over the world thanks to our collaboration with many different embassies. 

The school is set in a villa surrounded by large gardens and trees and our children enjoy fresh air every day.

Our educational home is designed to offer our families an environment where each child receives special attention, allowing us to maintain excellent quality. We pay the utmost attention to safety. In our school, each child had the chance to discover every space and educational lab where the specific and carefully chosen materials speak to the children and give them infinite opportunities to create and explore.

Tea Room

In our tea room, families enjoy time with their children over a home-made breakfast prepared by our cook in our internal kitchen.

From home to school

Each settling-in process is studied around the needs of the individual child and family and begins after a parent-teacher meeting aimed at getting to know the new family. We recognise that each settling-in is unique and requires a different pace and process. Parents remain with their children until they are ready to join the group. Our homely and welcoming environment eases the transition from home to school.

Our Principles

Little Star students acquire an individual identity by discovering their own values and the actions that reinforce their personalities.


4 months – 3 years

Our Nursery offers a nurturing “home away from home” environment. The high ceilings and beams make the space light and airy and the beautiful terrace overlooks the gardens.

The internal and external spaces grow and change with the children. They see the traces of their actions during moments of learning and social interaction.

Inspired by the long-standing experience of Reggio Children centres and Montessori methods, the spaces at Little Star speak to the child and stimulate growth in specific areas of development. 

This allows children to awaken their innate sense of curiosity while moving freely and safely around the school under the watchful eye of the educators.


3 to 6 years

Our Preschool offers a safe and caring environment that encourages children to learn, explore and discover.

Our spaces are organised in indoor and outdoor Labs and children develop their skills and grow as leaders of their future academic  path. Creativity is the key to a divergent mind of a child who can find new and unexpected solutions to problems.

Our Preschool prepares children for Primary School through a high-quality and professionally structured educational programme. We follow the goals of the British school system for specific age groups as laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage document that is the basis of our educational programme. We use the Jolly Phonics programme to give children the foundations of English reading and writing.

Our large and bright spaces open onto the surrounding sunny gardens.

The Preschool is home to various areas that engage children and specific materials that allow them to use their bodies, senses and emerging problem-solving skills to learn and make sense of their world in meanigful ways.

Universal Language

At Little Star, we always speak in English. It has been scientifically proven that children from birth until 7 years of age are in the peak of their learning abilities for languages and pronunciation.

It is widely acknowledged that children who are exposed to more than one language present no  linguistic delays or difficulties.

Bilingualism also brings many benefits for the development of a child’s general and academic abilities: they are more open-minded, more able to concentrate and have greater problem-solving skills.

 Languages, and especially English, will give children the opportunity to enter into a world of work which they may not otherwise be able to access. In today’s world, the inability to speak English is a real disadvantage.

Here at Little Star, children “experience” English all day every day so they learn in an effortless and spontaneous way.

(Neuron Review, 9th September 2010).

Our Typical Day 

8:00-9:30 Breakfast and Entrance Time

9:30 Circle Time

10:00 Snack of fresh seasonal fruit prepared by our cook

10:15 Educational Activities and Labs

12:00 Home-made Mediterranean-style lunch

12:25 Dental and Personal Hygiene

12:30 First Exit

13:00 Story Time – Lab Work – Nap

15:00 Afternoon Snack

15:30 Second Exit

16:30 Third Exit

18:00 Last Exit

Private Parties and Events 

Little Star organizes private parties and events (Christenings, Holy Comunions, etc) for both children and adults.

Party Planning:

  • Hire of external or internal areas of villa 
  • Theme-orientated decor
  • Play area
  • In-house catering
  • Our party entertainment

for information and reservations click here


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